Variable Vane Turbo Cleaning

Variable vane turbochargers (also called variable geometry turbocharger VGT or variable nozzle turbine VNT) are now commonplace on a lot of modern diesel engines, they offer significant performance improvements over standard turbochargers giving much improved low end power delivery and less turbo lag.

The exhaust side of the turbo is fitted with an adjustable mechanism containing small vanes, these are moved by an actuator to different positions throughout the rev range to achieve optimum performance.

One downfall of this kind of turbo is the fact that carbon can build up within the mechanism limiting movement of the variable vanes. This can lead to performance issues and sticking of the turbo vanes causing boost related faults and potentially the engine going into limp mode.

The standard TerraClean treatments used regularly will help to keep these components in good working order, however if the carbon has built up to the stage where it is causing problems we have a deep cleaning process available to clean the turbo vanes.

Below are some images of a previous turbo cleaning service carried out at the clients place of choice


This process involves introducing a foam into the exhaust side of the turbocharger via pipe work while the unit is still fitted to the engine. This treatment dissolves the carbon deposits in the turbo suspending them in the foam so they can safely exit through the exhaust system of the vehicle.

Being able to carry out this process can save a considerable amount of money as the usual remedy is to either remove the turbo for cleaning or to replace the unit.

We often carry out this treatment in conjunction with an EGR system clean as these areas are connected on the engine and can have a direct effect on each other, it is also more cost effective to have both treatments done together.

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