Intake Valve Cleaning for Direct Injection Petrol Engines (Tsi TFSi)

Modern petrol engines are increasingly using direct injection fuel systems to improve engine efficiency, this system differs from previous types as instead of the fuel injectors being positioned in the inlet manifold before the intake valves they are now inside the cylinder itself. In a conventional injection system the fuel being injected keeps the backs of the inlet valves clean from the build up of carbon and contaminants that enter the intake via the engine breather system and EGR.

These engines are now commonly seen in BMW, MINI, AUDI, VW, CITROEN & PEUGEOT among others. The carbon deposits can build up to the point where running problems are experienced such as cold start noise, misfiring and performance issues. This is usually caused by the carbon build up on the valve stems not allowing the valve to close properly when cold but will often not be noticeable with a hot engine.

TerraClean have developed a preventative maintenance treatment to help reduce the effects of this carbon build up and if used as a regular treatment along with the standard TerraClean treatment can help to avoid these problems.

The treatment is applied directly into the intake via a special piece of equipment to allow the fluid to get as close as possible to the problem area. This can help to reduce the carbon build up on a vehicle that already has running issues to improve matters but is primarily designed as a preventative maintenance and will not remove all of the carbon present.

We can carry out this treatment separately to the standard TerraClean for petrol engines but most customers opt to have it done at the same time at a reduced cost.

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