Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can TerraClean damage my engine?

A. “NO” TerraClean is a cleaning procedure using highly refined fuel and no solvents, it wont cause any harm to your engine or any of its components.

TerraClean will remove carbon which has built up over time in your engine and will clean contaminants such as tars and varnishes from your fuel injection system. These deposits affect the efficiency of the engine and can deteriorate performance and fuel economy.

TerraClean is a highly effective preventative maintenance but is not a “FIX” for problems. If your engine already has running issues due to a worn or defective component then any cleaning process could highlight the problem.

Q. Can you TerraClean any vehicle?

A. We can TerraClean almost all petrol or diesel engines large and small, we can also TerraClean most hybrid and LPG vehicles.

There are some exceptions that cant be done but we will advise you of that when you contact us.

Q. Is TerraClean any different to other treatments or the bottles i can buy in the shops?

A. “YES” TerraClean is a unique system using patented technology and highly refined fuel. A lot of bottled fuel treatments contain solvents which could potentially damage your engine and fuel system components as they pass through the engine and are burnt. TerraClean is the only treatment to clean post combustion as the gases produced carry on cleaning through the cylinders and exhaust side of the engine.

TerraClean also uses 2 different machines for petrol or diesel engines, most other treatments use 1 machine and are basically just an injector cleaning system.

Q. I drive a Hybrid vehicle, does it need a TerraClean?

A. “YES” Hybrid technology and vehicles which use Stop Start systems to save fuel are inherently prone to carbon build up and will build up these deposits faster than most engines with similar mileage.

Q. My vehicle runs on LPG can it be TerraCleaned?

A. “YES” most vehicles operating on LPG ran as standard petrol cars before conversion and will have built up carbon deposits. LPG does not create much carbon but most vehicles still start up from cold on petrol before switching over to LPG so can still build up carbon deposits. The TerraClean treatment is carried out as normal with the vehicle running on petrol and not the LPG.

Q. When will my car need its first TerraClean service and how often should it be done?

A. TerraClean is a preventative maintenance service and as such should not really be left until too much carbon has built up. We have carried out TerraClean treatments on vehicles with as low as 12,000 miles up to over 300,000 miles all with noticeable benefits.

Carbon build up can depend on the vehicle use, short journeys around town with the engine not warmed up fully will cause more carbon to build up compared to a vehicle that is used for longer motorway use where the engine is at optimum temperature and revs.

We would suggest a TerraClean service be carried out anywhere from 15 to 20,000 miles upwards and used as a preventative maintenance every 15,000 miles or so depending on vehicle use.

Q. What can i do on a regular basis to reduce carbon build up?

A. The use of good quality fuels can help with the formation of some deposits but the fact is that carbon builds up as a natural by product of the combustion process. These deposits will continue to build up in your engine until cleaned, if you do a lot of short journeys then a good run out once a month to get the cars engine and exhaust fully warmed through will not do it any harm.

If you have any further questions please contact us or call Ian on 07921 518705