EGR Valve Cleaning

The EGR Valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve) is fitted to diesel engines to help reduce harmful exhaust emissions by allowing a controlled amount of exhaust gases to be recirculated through the engine.

On diesel engines these valves can be prone to heavy carbon build up due to the soot content of diesel exhaust gases. This carbon build up can cause the EGR valve to stick or have reduced flow that may bring the “engine management light” on or cause running issues, such as loss of power and excessive black smoke.

Sometimes these valves are a relatively simple vacuum operated device but can also be controlled by an electric motor, others are a larger type with a built in EGR cooler assembly that can be very costly to replace.

If the fault in the EGR system is due to carbon build up and not a faulty vacuum or electrical controller we may be able to clean the system. To do this we use the same equipment as turbo cleaning to restore the system to correct flow and function.

This involves a small amount of dismantling to get access to the EGR pipework either at the valve or intake end to be able to fit an adaptor. The process then involves the introduction of a cleaning foam to dissolve the carbon deposits from the EGR valve and if fitted the cooler assembly as well.

This treatment is not available for all vehicles as it is dependent on available access to the EGR system and correct adaptors to enable connection.

We often carry out this treatment in conjunction with a turbo clean as these areas are connected on the engine and can have a direct effect on each other, it is also more cost effective to have both treatments done together.