DPF Cleaning Service

What is a DPF?

A DPF (diesel particulate filter) is a device fitted in the exhaust system of a diesel vehicle and is designed to trap soot and particulate matter. They are fitted to reduce exhaust emissions as required by government legislation.

As with any filter a DPF needs to be emptied or cleaned regularly to maintain performance. This process is called “Regeneration” where the soot is burned off at high temperature to leave a small content of ash behind in the filter.

Soot levels and temperatures within the DPF system are constantly monitored by various sensors which determine when a regeneration is needed. If your vehicle is working properly and driven on long enough journeys to reach full operating temperatures then a “Passive Regeneration” will take place automatically to burn off the soot particles.

If the vehicle is used on a lot of shorter journeys then the engine control unit may have to start an “Active Regeneration” to clean the soot particles from the filter by altering various engine settings. If the “Active Regeneration” is repeatedly unsuccessful then you may see a warning light or message displayed on the dashboard.


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Firstly we will need to diagnose why the DPF Warning Light is on. This could be that the vehicle needs a “Forced Regeneration” carried out as the vehicle has been used constantly on short journeys or it could need the DPF Cleaning.

The problem could also be that there is a faulty DPF Sensor or other engine issue not allowing regeneration which will have to be Diagnosed and rectified before the system will return to correct operation.

We can clean most DPF Filters on cars and light commercials whilst the filter is still fitted to the vehicle. This saves time and money on costly removal and refitting. A full inspection and diagnostic check of the vehicles DPF system is required to find out why the DPF blocked in the first place and to avoid the problem happening again. We can provide this service mobile at your home or workplace throughout County Durham, Teesside and surrounding areas.

Please contact us for advice and costs of DPF Cleaning and fault diagnostics.