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What is TerraClean?

TerraClean is the only patented engine de-carbonising treatment of its kind in the world. Originally developed by Canadian scientists this technology is now available in the UK.


Available for Petrol and Diesel engines the process involves connecting your engine to a TerraClean machine which takes over as the fuel supply during the treatment. The engine is then run on the mix of highly refined fuel and solvent free cleaning agents that will not harm your engine or fuel system.

The process cleans the build up of tar and varnishes from the fuel injection system, these build up over time in any engine and affect the efficiency and spray pattern of the fuel injectors and therefore engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Skoda Terraclean

Audi Diesel Terraclean Treatment

Unlike Any Other

Unlike any pour in the tank or other fuel system cleaning solutions TerraClean continues to work after the combustion process has begun, when the fuel is burnt in the engine the gases produced help to safely remove carbon deposits from the combustion chamber and valve areas improving efficiency within the engine.

This cleaning process carries on through the exhaust side of the engine helping to keep emissions system components, EGR systems, turbochargers, catalytic converters and DPF in good condition.

The removal of these carbon deposits from the fuel system and engine restores its performance and efficiency and can help to prolong component life saving you money on costly repair bills.

Proven Results, Time After Time

  • Restored Engine Performance
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Smoother Power Delivery
  • Lower Exhaust Emissions
  • Quieter Running
  • Increased Fuel Economy

A fully mobile Terraclean service at your home or workplace starts from £108 for engines up to 2.0 litre.

A TerraClean is a preventative engine maintenance service to keep your fuel system and engine in good clean condition and is not designed to replace regular servicing or fix problems, however we do regularly see some poor running issues associated with fuel system contaminants or carbon build up dramatically improved if not completely cured after a TerraClean service.

We also offer a mobile DPF cleaning service, as well as Turbo and EGR cleaning services.

Fully Mobile TerraClean Service

Terraclean2U offer a fully mobile service at your home or workplace throughout County Durham, Teesside and surrounding areas.

With over 30 years experience in the motor trade and fully insured to work on your vehicle you can be assured your TerraClean treatment is carried out professionally.

Terraclean2U are one of the longest established TerraClean operators in the area, becoming an official Terraclean operator in February 2013 we have carried out well over 1000 treatments on customers vehicles ranging from small city cars through to high performance vehicles as well as 4X4′s and vans.

At the recent TerraClean Awards Terraclean2U were presented with an award for the most diesel services carried out by any Terraclean operator in the UK during 2014, we were also in the top 4 for the amount of petrol services carried out by a UK operator in 2014 so we really do have the experience to carry out your TerraClean treatment properly and professionally.